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The One-page Quickie website

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For those of you who don't have a computer, or a smart phone, or don't want or need a full-featured content managed website, Montague WebWorks can build you a "One-page Quickie" website, complete with...

  • Your company name and contact information
  • Your logo
  • Two paragraphs of text describing what you do and where you do it
  • Up to three photos of your work
  • One free page update per year, done by Montague WebWorks.


One-page Quickies cost only $100 and must be completed same-day. Hosting is only $8 per month, paid annually, with one page edit per year.

If you don't already own a domain name (website address) there is an additional $10 per year charge to manage your domain name.


Give us a call. We'll get your site done, fast. We know what we're doing.

(413) 320-5336

We're the contractor's website contractor.

Call us today at 413-648-5346 to request an estimate for your electrical project.